LIS  Functionality Assessment Toolkit

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Toolkit Components

  • Using the LIS Toolkit: A Methodology for Assessing Functionality and Enabling Comparisons Among Competing Systems:  PDF
    “White paper” providing a narrative summary of the LIS Functionality Assessment Toolkit. It describes the rationale, background, as well as descriptions of the various components of the Toolkit.
  • Appendix I: LIS Functionality Statements:  Excel / PDF  
    850 statements for assessing the functionality of an LIS.
  • Appendix II: LIS Scenarios:  Excel / PDF
    Possible scenarios for managing on-site live demonstrations. These scenarios are not exhaustive but will lead the user into specific areas of functionality that can only be demonstrated on a fully implemented LIS.
  • Appendix III: Total Cost of Ownership Elements:  Word / PDF
    Suggested elements for developing a “total cost of ownership” (TCO) worksheet pertaining to an LIS under consideration. The document will assist the user in estimating the total cost of owning a specific LIS and will facilitate comparison of TCO between different systems.

Toolkit Perspectives

  • CAP Today Review: Link