API and its meetings are regarded as incubators for new ideas and technological applications facilitated by the grass-roots planning of leaders in the field. Not only does API host meetings that showcase advanced research, it also fosters a community for thought-leaders and stake-holders, practitioners and vendors, in pathology informatics to explore and challenge the boundaries of what is available in digital pathology, IT systems, and artificial intelligence for existing hospital and laboratory institutions. API appreciates that progress is made through close partnerships with the vendor community and leading pathologists and researchers uniquely positioned to identify, implement, and promote cutting-edge projects. 

The upcoming event at Mackenzie Health in Vaughan, Canada, outside of Toronto, will be intimate with approximately 100 registrants, many of whom report back to leadership what they learn from this practical and demonstrative meeting on the deployment of digital pathology and AI in hospital settings. Our attendees are leaders in this field, as well as groups specifically looking for ways to adopt these technologies at their home institutions. Nearly a dozen lectures by international experts and industry representatives will be punctuated by Q & A sessions and attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a guided tour of Mackenzie Health’s laboratory spaces. Topics covered will include the fundamentals of digital pathology, integration and interoperability technologies, creative solutions to handle LIS integration, enhancements of AP workflows, current perspectives about AI within pathology, storage solutions, and enabling technologies that help systems move past software limitations.

This will be an opportunity for your company to really engage with pathology informaticists looking for solutions on behalf of their institutions. Meet the decision-makers with purchasing authority attending DP-AI with a mission to find practical, “real-time” solutions for their institutions. Be in on the face-to-face discussions!


This year, some of our exhibitor packages feature unique speaking opportunities:

Diamond Lab Tour Partner Level - an opportunity to be one of 4 stations (the 5th station being a tour of MacKenzie’s laboratory). Attendees, divided into four to five groups of 20-25, will all have a rotation directly with you (a total of 4-5 separate intimate sessions), your featured product/service, and/or view a presentation of your choosing in a designated breakout room within the meeting area. This is not an exhibit space/booth, but rather an opportunity to have attendees intimately engage with you, your products, and your people. 

For example, you could provide a short 5-10 minute presentation about your product offering(s) and how they fit into the DP/AI space, followed by an opportunity for attendees to try out the product(s) by having a few laptops/workstations available for trial. Or, you could provide a detailed interactive demo that showcases your product(s) with attendees asking questions and providing feedback. The time would be yours to decide how to use. 

All of these are phenomenal opportunities to intimately showcase your offerings to registrants who are in the market for devices for their home institutions.

Platinum Level - a 30-minute open topic, single-vendor designated platform talk during Breakfast

Gold Level - a shared 30-minute vendor roundtable that is thematically organized and expertly moderated by a member of our planning committee for substantive discussion

Interested Vendors/Sponsors, please contact Grace Chae at [email protected] or Nova Smith at [email protected]