2022 Short Oral Abstract Schedule

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Room Time Presenter Abstract Title
301/302 8:00 am Aaron Green Connecting the Dots - An Agnostic Exchange Network for Linking Disparate Hospitals and Laboratories
301/302 8:15 am Azita Sharif Interface Epic Patients’ comprehensive clinical history with DSI’ Precision Medicine Biobanking Platform (BTM)
301/302 8:30 am Jenna Reece Transgender Laboratory Medicine: Informatics Challenges in Implementing Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR)
301/302 8:45 am Noah Hoffman Rapid deployment of community SARS-CoV-2 PCR testing: bridging the gaps using open source technologies
303/304 8:00 am Rajan Dewar Efficient Implementation Of Digital Pathology In Small & Mid Size Practices: Finding The Digital “Bang For The Buck”
303/304 8:15 am Daniel Gonzalez Quality Assurance Precision Analysis for Automated Scoring Algorithms
303/304 8:30 am Daniel Gonzalez Laboratory Implementation of a Commercially Available Automated Ki-67 Scoring Algorithm
303/304 8:45 am Alexander Baras Biochemical Free Recurrence Stratification in Prostate Cancer Based on Cellular Topology and Nuclear Morphometry
Ballroom B 8:00 am Srikar Chamala Big Data Informatics Training for Pathology Practice and Research
Ballroom B 8:15 am MikaelHaeggstroem Adapting the Online Wiki Editing System to Pathology Publishing
Ballroom B 8:30 am Keluo Yao Application of Natural Language Processing for Pathology Diagnosis and International Classification of Diseases for Oncology (ICD-O)
Ballroom B 8:45 am Patricia Hernandez The Role of Electronic Alerts in Decreasing Unnecessary C. difficile Testing

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Room Time Presenter Abstract Title
301/302 8:00 am Bart Sturm Computer-Aided Assessment of Melanocytic Lesions by Means of a Mitosis Algorithm
301/302 8:15 am Jeffrey Goldstein Weakly Supervised Estimation of Placental Gestational Age and Identification of Maturation Pathologies
303/304 8:00 am Chie Ohnishi Initial Study to Evaluate Color and Staining Intensity for Image-Based IHC Evaluations
303/304 8:15 am Cody Bumgardner Self-service Platform for Continuous Collection, Processing, and Evaluation of Pathology Imaging
303/304 8:30 am Taryme Lopez-Diaz Digital Pathology Pipeline to Automate Large-Scale Photomontage Creation
303/304 8:45 am Masao Yoshida Histological Discrimination of Colorectal Tissue Structure Using Deep Neural Network
Ballroom B 8:00 am   This session will begin at 8:15
Ballroom B 8:15 am Joachim Silber Leveraging MSK’s Data Fabric and Data Warehouse to Build Integrative Dashboards for the Pathology Research Biorepository
Ballroom B 8:30 am Nalan Yurtsever Semiautomated Classification of 5,294 Hematopathology Cases By WHO Diagnosis
Ballroom B 8:45 am Daniel Gonzalez Designing a Computer-Assisted Workflow for AI-based Digital Pathology Applications