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2023 Short Oral Abstract Schedule

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Room Time Presenter Abstract Title
301/302 8:00 am  Nilay Bakoglu Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Based Automated Determination of Histomorphological Features and Mitosis Detection 
301/302 8:15 am Jian Hu  Integration of label-free, interpretable image features with spatial molecular profiles from spatial transcriptomics 
301/302 8:30 am Emma Gardecki  Diversity Indexing of Intratumoral Heterogeneity of HER2-FISH Companion Diagnostics in Invasive Breast Cancer 
301/302 8:45 am Amanda Dy  Jennifer Nguyen  Towards Large-Scale Adoption: Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Ki-67 Scoring 
303/304 8:00 am Achal Acharya  Digital Whole Slide Imaging at UHCMC, From Preview to Sign Out; A CAP Guideline Based Pilot Project 
303/304 8:15 am Omar Baba  Qualitopix: Artificial Intelligence-Based Quantitative Quality Assurance of Immunohistochemistry Staining 
303/304 8:30 am Scott Robertson  Generating Labeled Whole Slide Images from the Slide Archive: A Scalable Process using a Custom Web-Based Platform 
303/304 8:45 am Yukako Yagi  The Utilities of Whole Block Imaging in Pathology 
Ballroom A 8:00 am Edward Klatt  The Patient Experience with Laboratory Test Result Reporting 
Ballroom A 8:15 am Nicholas Spies  Automating the Detection of Preanalytical Errors Without Expert-Curated Training Labels 
Ballroom A 8:30 am Stevephen Hung  PathBrowser: A Tool for Extracting Textbook Images, Captions, and Caption Terms for Flashcard-based Self-learning 
Ballroom A 8:45 am Jerome Cheng  Artificial Intelligence for Human Gunshot Wound Classification 

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Room Time Presenter Abstract Title
301/302 8:00 am Wikum Dinalankara  Comparison of machine learning methods for detection and classification of B-cell neoplasms from flow cytometry data  
301/302 8:15 am Mark Zaidi  At the intersection of Pathology and Artificial intelligence: A Pathologist-in-the-Loop Approach Towards Multiomics 
301/302 8:30 am Trevor McKee  Development of an objective framework to optimize single-cell segmentation accuracy for multiplexed tissue cytometry
301/302 8:45 am Chancey Christenson  A Conversation with Chatgpt About the Role of Text-Based Artificial Intelligence in Pathology 
303/304 8:00 am Suguna Narayan   A Model System for Bridging Legacy Computational Pipeline Architecture to Contemporary Best Practices in Molecular Pathology Laboratories
303/304 8:15 am Kyungmin Ko  Potential Implications of Patient Identifier Changes to Secondary Use of Health Data 
303/304 8:30 am Eric Daley  Vendor Implementation Collaboration (VIC): Development of a Program to Improve Consistency in Cancer Reporting 
303/304 8:45 am Yonah Ziemba  Lessons learned from LOINC Implementation at a Large Healthcare System 
Ballroom A 8:00 am Jenna Reece  The Massive Transfusion Protocol: Challenges in Clinical Decision Support for Transfusion Medicine 
Ballroom A 8:15 am Lauren Miller  Decision Support Interventions and Novel Metrics for Laboratory Stewardship of Thyroid Testing 
Ballroom A 8:30 am Eric Wei  A Dive into Pathology Informatics- Patient Blood Management 
Ballroom A 8:45 am Patricia Hernandez  Eplets Coverage on Commercial Solid-Phase Immunoassays for Anti-HLA Antibody Screen