API - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Association for Pathology Informatics is a professional society run by its members, for its members.  We are committed to creating an inclusive environment for our members that reflects the patients, hospitals, and communities that we serve.  API strives to foster an environment of diversity, equity and inclusion that paves the way for current and future pathologists, informaticians, laboratorians and IT staff as well as trainees in the field of Pathology Informatics (and related fields) to succeed in their careers and goals to improve patient care, increase efficiency, and enhance the understanding of disease-related processes. 
The API Council will provide oversight of the association’s DEI activities.  Some of the actions that API is committed to in the coming and future years are:
  • Actively recruit diverse leaders for the 2022 and future API Council elections,
  • Ensure that we continue to grant travel award scholarships to the diverse trainee candidates who submit applications,
  • Put into place a course of action for instituting ongoing education on diversity, equity and inclusion, especially for the API Council and for new and existing committee members,
  • Develop a checklist for DEI measures for activities and/or presented content at PI Summit 2022 and future in-person and virtual meetings, and
  • Outline the organization’s DEI efforts and activities in future API Annual reports