CVENT Attendee Guide


For additional assistance, you can email API staff for assistance the days of the meeting (between 9 AM and 4 PM ET on Wednesday, May 5 and Thursday, May 6):

For assistance with on-site registration contact:
For registrants who need help accessing the virtual attendee hub contact:
For speakers, moderators, exhibitor troubleshooting contact:


I did not receive an SMS or email verification code.

  • First make sure you are registered for the event. If you are registered for the the event, click on the didn’t receive code link on the log-in page and try have it sent again. Be sure that you are entering the same information that you used to register for the event into the log-in. Lastly, be sure to check your spam/junk folder for the email confirmation.

I am getting Website 404: Page not Found error message.

  • Virtual Attendee Hub runs best on Google Chrome, if you are using a different web browser we recommend you switch. If you’re still experiencing the error: refresh your web-page, clear your cache and cookies, or try going into incognito mode.

Why am I experiencing audio/visual delays?

  • Check your bandwidth (internet) speed to make sure you’re not having issues with your connectivity. Logging out and disconnecting from VPN have also been found to help in this instance. If all else fails, sign on to the session from a different device.

Why am I unable to ask or post questions? (if using Live Q&A)

  • Check to make sure you’re not seeing any error messages on the page and reload the page.