Abstract Submission 2021

Abstract Submission Deadline is March 14, 2021

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Abstract presentations at Pathology Informatics Summit 2021 will be different from in years past as the meeting will be entirely virtual. All abstracts will be done as ePoster presentations using a power point format. A select number of abstracts will be elevated to a 35-minute podium presentation. You must indicate your interest on the submission form if would like you work to be considered for oral presentation.

Pathology Informatics Summit 2021 will feature a few main areas of concentration: 

Pathology Informatics 
Biomedical Informatics 
Molecular Pathology
Machine and Artificial Intelligence
Business Analytics

Selection is competitive and will be based on how the presenters work furthers the field, as well as the content and clarity of the abstract. Presenters may employ PowerPoint, multimedia, and/or any other Internet-based technologies as indicated keeping in mind the virtual nature of the presentation. 

Abstracts for ePoster Presentation

ePosters will be placed in the virtual abstract areas of the meetings. Details are still being worked out. Online submission of the abstract is required, and all abstracts must adhere to submission compliance and formatting guidelines. All accepted Poster abstracts will be published in the Journal of Pathology Informatics. A prize will be presented to the single best poster, as judged across all entries for both days

Abstracts for Podium Presentation

A small number of abstracts will be selected for elevation to 35-minute podium presentations versus being done as an ePoster. These opportunities are limited and will be offered on a first come/first served basis upon selection by the program committee, and the recommendation of the training and education committee. Authors must indicate on the submission form their interest in being considered for oral presentation.

Abstract Formatting

General Content

The abstract may contain a maximum of 350 words. Additionally, it must be organized under (and contain) the following headings:

  • Background
  • Technology* (optional)
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions
*If describing a new/novel use for technology, please include under the Technology heading


  • The text must be prepared in accordance with American Medical Association (AMA) Manual of Style, 9th edition.
  • Do not use abbreviations unless they appear 5 or more times, in which case you must spell out the abbreviation the first time it appears.
  • Do not begin the abstract by repeating the title, and do not cite references
  • List sources (name of company, city, state, and country) for all software and reagents.
  • Use conventional units of measure.
  • Use generic drug names unless the specific trade name of a drug is directly relevant to the discussion.
  • The name of the corresponding author should be shown in bold.
  • Separate each author name with a semicolon.
  • Affiliations for each author must be clearly listed, including full department and institution names.
  • The submitting author must sign and submit an Authorship Form. See the Authorship Form section below for complete information. 

Special Notes regarding figures:
  • A single table or figure may appear in the Results section. A table may have no more than 5 columns. Make certain any acronyms used in a table are clearly defined in the text. Most figures should be submitted in TIF format at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. If any text appears in the figure, it must be set at 12 points or larger.
  • Do not submit photomicrographs as either Word or PowerPoint files.
  • Do not add a figure label on figures. When preparing figures, authors must remember that figures will be printed at a width of 3 inches. Thus, computer screen shots and other figures that contain small text are not good submission options. Also review the information regarding figures shown below (see Illustrations).
  • If submitting a figure or table, the authors must provide a description of the figure or table content, including a specific reference to the figure or table (e.g. Figure 1), in the Results section. Do not submit a separate figure or table legend; legends will not be printed.

Submission Information/General Instructions for Authors

Authorship/ Copyright Transfer Form: The submitting author must complete and sign the Authorship/Copyright Transfer form. This is for publication in the Journal of Pathology Informatics. Only the submitting author needs to sign this form. Abstracts cannot be accepted until this form is submitted to Beth Gibson at bethgibs@umich.edu.

Authorship/Copyright Transfer Form

Informed Consent
If the manuscript reports the results of an experimental investigation of human subjects, state formally that consent was obtained from the subjects after the nature of procedure(s) had been fully explained. Include a signed statement of consent from the patient (or, if the patient is a minor, from both parents or the legal guardian) with all identifiable photographs. Consent forms must contain a specific statement that photographs and information related to a case may be published separately or together, and that the patients name will not be disclosed. 

Ethical Requirements
For human or animal experimental investigations, specify in the Methods section of the manuscript what protocols were followed, e.g., Institutional guidelines regarding animal experimentation were followed.

Authors must email figures directly to Beth Gibson at bethgibs@umich.edu. Halftone and color images should be submitted at a minimum of 300 ppi, while line art should be submitted at 1200 ppi. Digital color files must be submitted in CMYK mode. Acknowledge fully all illustrations and tables taken from other publications, and submit a copy of the permission letter to reprint from the copyright owner.

Verification of Receipt of Abstract

An e-mail address for the corresponding author is required in the submission program. You will receive an immediate email confirmation of your abstract submission. If you do not receive e-mail notification of receipt of your abstract, it is your responsibility to immediately follow up (Contact Beth Gibson by e-mail: bethgibs@umich.edu or by phone at (734) 615-5727). She will confirm receipt of your abstract or will assist you to ensure that your abstract has been received.)


Please remember to register for the meeting. Your notification of abstract acceptance does NOT include registration to the meeting. 

Questions? Please send to Beth Gibson at bethgibs@umich.edu.

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