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2023 Poster Schedule

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Presenter Poster Title
 Amanda Dy 
Jennifer Nguyen 
An International Comparative Study of 116 Pathologists: AI Improves Accuracy for Ki-67 Assessment in Breast Cancer 
Srikar Chamala  GenomeX – Advancing Genomic Data Standards and Interoperability with FHIR 
Mikael Haeggstroem  Developing an Online Practice-Based Open-Access Resource of Pathology Education 
Kyungmin Ko  Semi-automated Curation Workflow for a Pediatric Molecular Pathology Interpretation Library 
Ankit Singh  A Machine-Learning Web-Interface for Predicting Primary Sites in Cancers of Unknown Primary from RNAseq Data 
Binna Yu  Deep-Learning-Based CAD May Be Helpful for Improvement of the Consensus and Accuracy of the Diagnosis in Well-differentiated Hepatic Nodule  
Kyoungbun Lee  Comparative Analysis of Pathology Workflow Efficacy and Diagnostic Accuracy After Digital Pathology Implementation 
Robert Toelke  Making the Invisible Visible: BlocDoc's Impact on Prostate Needle Biopsy Histology 
Devereaux Sellers  Improving Autopsy Turnaround Time Using Lean Six Sigma Principles with Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control Cycles 
Eric Steimetz  Deep Learning Model for Classifying Low and High-Grade Colorectal Tubular Adenomas 
Regina Kwon  The Role of the Laboratory in Missed Test Results 
Matthew Leong  Conversion of a Vendor-Specific to a Vendor-Neutral Quantitative Biomarker Digital Image Analysis System 
Rand Abou Shaar  Augmenting Breast Pathologists Workflow Using Automated H-scores 
Eric Wei  BCR Fusion Mutations in Non-CML Cases 

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Presenter Abstract Title
Nicholas Bateman  AI-Informed Quantification of Tumor Infiltrated Lymphocytes in Histopathology Images from HGSOC Patient Tumors  
Sulakshan Ranjan  Incorporating Hemovigilance Surveillance Guidelines in the Electronic Health Record for Improved Patient Care 
David Ho  Kidney Tissue Segmentation to Aid in Image Analysis of Renal Cell Carcinoma and Identify Adverse Histologic Features
Kritika Prasai  PolypCheck: Utilizing BlocDoc Imaging Technology for Colorectal Polyp Quality Control 
Mara Pleasure  Ischemic Stroke Etiology Classification from Clot Histology using Attention-based Multiple Instance Learning 
Srikar Chamala  Automated Standards-based Genomics-EHR Integration: A Pilot Implementation 
Ankit Singh  A Web-Interface for Automated Annotation of Break-Apart Interphase Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization Nomenclature 
Ekaterina Redekop  Morphology Preserving Alignment of Histology Images for Volumetric Analysis 
Zichen Wang  Deep Learning for Tumor-associated Stroma Identification in Prostate Radical Prostatectomy Histopathology Slides 
Carlos Olivares  Masked Autoencoder Pre-training for Prostate Cancer Detection 
Ursula Green  Establishing a Data Model for a Human Trigeminal Ganglia Tissue Biobank 
Ankush Patel  The Clinical Potential of Pathology Perspectives for Multi-omics Cancer Classification  
Yonah Ziemba  Most Common Mistakes in Data Visualization  
Chancey Christenson  From Manual to Efficient: The Impact of Epic on Blood Bank Operations