Governing Council - 2017

President  John Gilbertson, MD (Massachusetts General Hospital)  
President-Elect  David McClintock, MD (University of Chicago)
Past President Michael Riben, MD (MD Anderson Cancer Center)
Secretary Philip Boyer, MD, PhD (East Carolina University)
Treasurer Bruce Levy, MD, CPE (Geisinger Health System)
Program Committee Chair Anil V. Parwani, MD, PhD (The Ohio State University
Program Committee Chair-Elect Veronica Klepeis, MD, PhD (Massachusetts General Hospital) 
Membership Committee Chair  Mehrvash Haghighi, MD (Columbia University)
Training and Education Committee Co-Chairs Victor Brodsky, MD (Weill Cornell Medical College)
Christopher Garcia, MD (Medical College of Wisconson)
Publications Committee Chair Roy Lee, MD (Cleveland Clinic)     
Editors-in-Chief, Journal of Pathology Informatics Anil V. Parwani, MD, PhD (The Ohio State University
Liron Pantanowitz, MD (University of Pittsburgh)
Technical Standards Committee Co-Chairs Michael Legg, PhD (Consultant Health Informatician, Michael Legg & Associates)
James Harrison, MD, PhD (University of Virginia)
Digital Imaging Ad-Hoc Committee Co-Chairs Stephen Hewitt, MD, PhD (National Institutes of Health - National Cancer Institute)
Jeffrey Fine, MD (University of Pittsburgh 
Pathology Informatics Planning Committee Co-Chairs

Ulysses G.J. Balis, MD (University of Michigan)
J. Mark Tuthill, MD (Henry Ford Hospital)







Past Presidents

Michael J. Becich, MD, PhD (University of Pittsburgh)
Bruce A. Friedman, MD (University of Michigan)
Walter H. Henricks, MD (Cleveland Clinic)
J. Mark Tuthill, MD (Henry Ford Hospital)
Jules J. Berman, MD, PhD (Freelance Medical Writer)
2007  Ulysses G.J. Balis, MD (University of Michigan)
2008  Michael G. McNeely, MD (Deceased)
2009-10   Myra L. Wilkerson, MD (Geisinger Health System)
2011  Ronald S. Weinstein, MD (University of Arizona)
2012 Raymond Aller, MD (University of Southern California)
2013 Liron Pantanowitz, MD (University of Pittsburgh)
2014 Alexis B. Carter, MD (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta)
2015 Rodney Schmidt, MD, PhD (Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA)
Michael Riben, MD (MD Anderson Cancer Center