API Travel Award Fund

The Association of Pathology Informatics (API) serves to advance the field of pathology informatics through research, educational initiatives, scientific meetings, and through electronic and printed communications.  One of the most visible expressions of the commitment to education is the long-standing support for sponsoring resident and fellow Travel Awards to the national meetings of pathology informatics, currently with the Pathology Informatics 20XX national meeting.

The Travel Awards support travel expenses, four nights at the meeting hotel, and conference registration.  Typically, these costs have averaged about $1,500 per award.  

API provides an in-depth application and review process for interested residents and fellows.  Formal applications are reviewed by the API Training and Education Committee.  The review process includes:

  • Applicant’s level of experience, knowledge and understanding of the importance of information management to pathology, oncology and bioinformatics,
  • Recommendation of Program Director, Department Chair or Dean,
  • Value to the applicant,
  • Abstract Selection for Presentation,
  • Preference will be given to applicants who have not received any or only one prior informatics conference awards.

Your tax-deductible donation to the API Travel Award Fund can be used to help underwrite the cost of supporting trainees interested in the field of pathology informatics to attend the annual national meeting, Pathology Informatics 20XX.


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