API Listserv

The API listserv is intended to facilitate an informal exchange of knowledge, sharing of experiences, posting of questions and answers, notification of funding opportunities, and posting of information of general interest to our members.

1. Unmoderated: The listserv is unmoderated; messages are sent directly to all list members.
2. Caution Using Reply: When you REPLY to a message, your response will be sent to ALL members of the listserv and not just to the sender. If you wish to respond only to the sender, then delete the listserv address and key in the sender's e-mail address. Do not send personal messages through the listserv unless you are sure you want everyone to see them.
3. Attachments: Messages can be sent with attached files: e.g. Word or PDF documents.
4. Searching: The current iteration of the list does not allow for searching for previous topics / messages.
5. Rights Based on Registered by E-Mail Address: Rights to send messages are granted by e-mail address. To send / reply to a message, the member must be sending from the e-mail address registered to the list and to which messages are sent. The listserv security system will reject e-mails from any unauthorized e-mail address. While annoying, this restriction is part of the security system that prevents unauthorized individuals from sending messages. If you would like to (1) register an alternate e-mail address or (2) more than one address, please notify the API Administrative Office.
6. Digest: A "digest" version of the day's list activity is available; message are compiled into a single e-mail message.

Netiquette Policy for API

Policy Statement: (This footer is include on all API messages on the listserv.)
"The API listserv provides members with a supportive environment for collegial discourse. To receive a Digest version of messages, please e-mail API Digest.  To unsubscribe, please e-mail  API Unsubscribe." 

Policy Guiding Principles:

  • The API is a heterogeneous association; individuals need to understand the needs and sensitivities of the whole group

  • We assume this forum is open and non-judgmental: a marketplace of ideas. To facilitate a collegial environment, communications should use established rules of netiquette, including that members:
    • Show proper decorum and respect;
    • Avoid sarcasm or aggressive verbal behavior toward other members or commercial products
    • Use courteous language
  • The API list server is not a "commercial" environment
      • Questions about or comments from members using a commercial product are welcome
      • It is acceptable to use the name of a product on the listserv; however, an aggressive sales approach with regard to a product is not acceptabl
      • Permission from a member is required prior to that member's name being referenced to or by a vendor or produc
      • Refrain from repeating rumors or second hand comments, particularly when negative and perhaps unsubstantiate
      • It is important to state one's relationship to a referenced product: i.e., are you a vendor, user, or was information derived from ads or literature; when discussing a product, members should identify financial relationships, if any, with the product's vendor
      • Individual vendors and consultants who have "Corporate Sponsor" status may communicate directly with members regarding products / services, but should declare their status as a vendor / consultant
      • Commercial advertisements are not acceptable in any form
  • When replying to messages from the list, do not copy the entire previous message in your reply. Quoting the prior author should be limited to the point in question and should not include the entire prior e-mail. Including the entire prior mail results in duplication and decreased effectiveness of list search tools
      • At any time members should consider taking a personal topic of interest offline to discuss ideas and experiences one-on-one with another membe
      • In quoting other members it is critical to maintain the original context of the statemen
      • State one's relationship to a home institution or to a vendor, when relevan
      • Document, when possible, using URLs
  • Attachments can be sent to the list, but size considerations should be made; this is particularly true of large files such as images. Everyone on the list is sent the file. Files to be shared can alternatively be posted to an ftp server or web server; the URLs to those files can then be sent to the list.

Rules of Netiquette: The Core Rules Of Netiquette
The Core Rules of Netiquette are excerpted from the book Netiquette by Virginia Shea. Click on each rule for elaboration. (http://www.albion.com/netiquette/ )

Netiquette issues specific for discussion groups: